Weather Stations & PPC

Weather Stations & PPC
  • Open Platform
  • Ready to Install
  • PV Utility Scale (Ground)
  • Distributed Power Generation (Rooftops)
  • Dataloggers (Agnostic):
    • Meteocontrol
    • Solarlogg
    • Padcom
  • Power Plant Control
  • Integrated to
    • Weather Cloud Services
    • SCADA System
    • Datalogger Cloud Services

More Benefits & Solutions

O&M for Security PV Perimetral PV Plants

O&M for different Systems using our CONTROL ROOM SOFTWARE.

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Tesla storage system. Utility Scale. Unlimited charging cycles. 10 years warranty

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SCADA Control & Monitoring Integrated to PV Security

EPC using data loggers from METEOCONTROL, SOLARLOG.

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Perimetral Security

EPC in Electronic Security based in Cloud Analityc Intrusion Systems.

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Fixed Ground Structure PV Utility Scale Plants

EPC Peg System fixed structure to cover 1.9 mw / hectare / 505w module

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DC Cable Systems

EPC for DC cabling 1000 vdc & 1500 vdc.

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Weather Stations & PPC

EPC using weather Stations from LUFT & KIPP_ZONEN.

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